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Selasa, 06 November 2012

My Dreams Job

There's a reason why I finally decided to go to college in the Department of Communication Broadcasting Islam. The reason is simple, with a lecture here, I will be able to realize my dream. Well, that's my simple thoughts.

Talk about a dream job, or ideals, I have a lot of goals. But in general my dream job is to be an expert in IT. Well, to be IT experts such as Roy Suryo, you must have known him?
Maybe the job is not practical work, but that was on my mind was really fun thing when I was invited to be a instructor or tentor in a seminar, then a guest speaker for various media. or later I will have the skills agency, or even a vocational school IT. The point is to share the knowledge I have.
In particular, one is my goal, to be the general an Islamic magazine. Well .. my principle goals is to share knowledge. Whether it's the science of the world or the hereafter. Departing from one of the activities I was reading a magazine, makes me want to create and publish a magazine with my own abilities. I also want to make a media propaganda mejalah me, where people are knowledgeable in Indonesia, to share knowledge and various information about Islam to people. The term arab says "doing good and avoiding evil".
To realize that goal, I think I must be diligent to learn about the science of business, science journalists, and so on. because of that, I tried to merge into obsession to get it.
Hopefully someday I can boast of my parents with this. Which parent would not support a human child as best man?
Because, the best of men, he who can benefit others.

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